April 15, 2007


Quick Start Guide to mee.nu - part 1 - Introduction

Ok, so you've gotten one of those electronic keys for your own site, now what?

First, before you go register I'd suggest a little thought about what to name your site and how you want to be known around this little corner of the internet.  For example, naming your site "I Love Bill.mee.nu" might seem perfect right now, but what happens if later you decide that Bill is a jerk and Oliver is the light of your life?  That could become awkward.  So take a moment and come up with something you can live with for the long term.  Internet sites aren't as permanent as tattoos, but there are folks out there who've had an online presence for fifteen years and more.

Likewise with your user name. "BillsLittleShnookums" might be perfect, until you aren't, and then it's too late to change it. 

You can choose to be anonymous.  If your site is going to become the leading online authority about left-handed knitting needles, then you'll be fine, but perhaps you'd rather not put your real name out there in case those crochet fanatics get wind of your site and declare you an enemy of all things made of yarn.  Some folks go completely anonymous with an obvious psuedonym like "Cynical Observer", others go with plausible sounding false names (my last name isn't really Jones).  Some folks let it all hang out there and post under their real name.  A little thought up front will make things go more smoothly in the long run.

All right... think, then go register.  When you've done that, stop back by here, and I'll have more to help you along.


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1 You can change your name later, but you're stuck with your login for good.  But that can be your secret shame, Shnookums.

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